The requirement in Tamil Churches for an eBook was the spark that lighted a journey to create a repository of Tamil Christian Hymns. This would not be possible without the churches that helped make this idea born. Thanks to all the churches that helped identify the potential for Tamil Hymns eBook. There are many songwriters and hymnodists in Tamil language and they have done excellent work. Tamil Hymns thanks all of them for their contribution and blessings in keeping the faith of the Tamil Christians up.



The Tamil Hymns were present since times unknown. There were several hymnodists, songwriters, authors, translators who helped Tamil Christian Hymns possible. To collect them and publish them as a complete work is complex. Tamil Hymns was fully supported by Ophel Computing for digital and technological capabilities. Thanks to the efforts of the content aggregators and editors for bringing out this publication in all eBook technology platforms.



Human resources are the best resources to mankind. People are the best and the worst critics. Nothing is possible without the support of our God and the support of our people. Tamil Hymns thanks all the people who help grow the Tamil Hymns eBooks and motivate to develop further.

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