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Tamil Hymns eBooks are completely free. The PDF, MOBI, ePUB formats can be downloaded freely and can be redistributed by you.


The eBook is developed using open standards with support by most open source eBook eReaders. The eBook is also published in open platforms.


The eBook is portable and friendly to mobile devices and projection systems. The eBook is optimised for loading and simple navigation.


Tamil Hymns eBooks are fully indexed with page links and page numbers to enable page navigation easily.


The Tamil Hymns eBook is searchable and the Tamil fonts used in Tamil Hymns is supported by any Tamil supported device.


An exclusive Book-as-an-App is available for Android based devices in Google Play. The Tamil Hymns eBook is also available in Amazon Kindle eReaders and apps.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install additional software or hardware to read eBooks?

All you need is your computer, laptop or mobile device and any free eReader software. We offer eBooks in three different formats: PDF, ePUB and MOBI.

Which format should I choose?

That depends on your Operating System and if you would like to use the Tamil Hymns eBook on your computer or on a mobile device.

Can I share the Tamil Hymns eBook over social media, email and/or internet?

The Tamil Hymns eBook is published to with the vision to be a blessing to churches and to Christians. You are welcome to share the blessings with others.

Will I be able to purchase a printed copy of the Tamil Hymns eBook?

Though we are a pure eBook platform we do provide a printed and bound copy of our eBook to those who request. View our shop for the offerings.

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Tamil Hymns comes in an exclusive Book-as-an-App for Android devices. You can read the Tamil Hymns eBook across different devices. It is supported by most Android devices! Get in on Google Play now.

* Android Kitkat (4.4) and above.

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